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22 Mai 2018 - Gemenos - Groupe GEMALTO

The internship will take place in Perso Software Engineering department. PSE department provides all software related to Secure Element introduction, Personalization & Manufacturing. In this department you will be part of the Perso Designer Team providing tools to [...]

Trainee : Purchasing group

9 Mai 2018 - Gemenos - Groupe GEMALTO

As purchasing department at the corporate level, we contribute to the selection, qualification and follow-up of suppliers and their respective products for the whole Gemalto group. We are in charge of identifying the right product, for the right need and at the price, to satisfy [...]

Trainee : Product Engineering Multisim

7 Mai 2018 - Gemenos - Groupe GEMALTO

The PE division provides card personalization solutions. In this department the Multisim team is dedicated to industrialization of innovative personalization solutions in the context of the new products in the mobile communications, Machine to Machine and Internet of things [...]

Software Engineer – Internship 6 month

19 Avril 2018 - Sophia Antipolis - Groupe GEMALTO

Gemalto WW leader in Digital Security is looking for an Internship contract in Sophia-Antipolis to assist in enhancing our services for device management (GSM connected devices characteristics and configuration). The job will take place in the Software house (R&D) department, [...]

stage : Demo Servers Security Rules Integration

18 Avril 2018 - La Ciotat - Groupe GEMALTO

The demo center team is managing demos for the 4 Business units in Gemalto. We are responsible to integrate and deploy the demos in hands of the worldwide sales so that they can promote Gemalto solutions to our customers. The large deployment of our demos require high [...]


19 Mars 2018 - Gemenos - Groupe GEMALTO

The internship will take place in the ISS department. Our team called “ISS Manufacturing” is responsible of the IT Core services, backup, monitoring, security and file transfer for all worldwide Gemalto manufacturing sites. Our team is the direct interface for the Technical [...]

Stage : Web-based Audit Calendar Tool

19 Mars 2018 - Gemenos - Groupe GEMALTO

Au sein du département Corporate Security, vous aurez la charge de développer une application web permettant une meilleure coordination des audits de conformité réalisés par des auditeurs internes et externes. Cette application comprendra une base de données, [...]

Trainee : Road Safety Solutions & Services

16 Mars 2018 - Gemenos - Groupe GEMALTO

The internship will take place in the Government Business Unit within the Road Safety Solutions & Services Business Line. Our team is a group of marketing managers responsible for road safety offerings around the world. Each manager has 2 functions: a vertical responsibility [...]

Mobile Learning Trainee

16 Mars 2018 - La Ciotat - Groupe GEMALTO

As Sales training team in La Ciotat, we are in charge to manage a course portfolio related to Gemalto offers. The courses are mainly e-learnings learning path proposed on a centralized LMS (Learning Management System) as the Sales population is located all over the world. The [...]

Trainee : DevOps Process setup

14 Mars 2018 - Gemenos - Groupe GEMALTO

It’s easy to speak of DevOps for an isolated application. But what about DevOps for complex processing platforms, involving interactions of multiple components developed by different teams? For each component, a monolith of its own, our Continuous Integration / Continuous [...]

Internship Cloud Technologies

14 Mars 2018 - La Ciotat - Groupe GEMALTO

As part of the Innovation Labs’ Platform Team inside Gemaltos CTO organization, you will research about ways Gemalto can easily package, deploy and maintain serverless components in public cloud infrastructures. You will be working with teams across different business [...]

Trainee : Self Service Solution

14 Mars 2018 - Gemenos - Groupe GEMALTO

Open IS is a new small team (4 people) in the Information Solution & Services (ISS) Division. With a motto “Do It Yourself But Not Alone”, it provides some self-service toolboxes for internal customers allowing them to implement their needs without huge projects. After [...]

Trainee : Product Engineering Process and Tool support

14 Mars 2018 - Gemenos - Groupe GEMALTO

The world of the SIM card evolves towards the eSIM, the challenge for Gemalto is to minimize the need for manual interventions in its customer data processing services. As part of the evolution of a data processing automation software deployed on all gemalto sites around the [...]

Internship: IT Service Management – Reporting

14 Mars 2018 - La Ciotat - Groupe GEMALTO

In 2018 Gemalto Datacenter Operations will be responsible for the deployment of an ITSM(1) tool to support his Core Missions. Datacenter Operations is currently managing data collection in several systems to provide metrics and KPIs to allow the proper follow-up of Service [...]

Internship : Application of Convolution Neural Network to IDS

14 Mars 2018 - La Ciotat - Groupe GEMALTO

Security Consulting & Services (SCS) is the security research entity of Gemalto. More than 50 security experts provide their expertise in offensive and defensive security, to support internal team through various security services. The Cloud &Connected Devices Security team [...]
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